Office Coffee Service

Whether you make one pot of coffee a day, or 500 a week. We can take care of you. We know that your day may start at 6:00 AM or Midnight. Our goal is to ensure that you are fully stocked and fully satisfied.

Hot Coffee and all the trimmings.

Since coffee is not just about starting with a great bean product, we also offer the full line of powdered and liquid creamers, sugar, and the most popular sugar substitutes. We have cups in multiple styles and sizes, and lids to match. It doesn't stop there though, even if you want something fancier like a cappuccino, or maybe your site prefers tea to coffee and cocoa when the weather is cold. Let us take care of you.

Of course it takes more than just the products

Fresh, smooth coffee requires modern brewing equipment in proper working order to assure that you have the best tasting results.

Our courteous and knowledgeable representatives are professionals in their field, providing you with the widest range of products as well as related maintenance, and keeping the machine functioning in top condition.

Whatever you need. We have a custom-tailored solution to keep you satisfied, and your satisfaction is our number one objective.

At the start is clean water

Franks also provides water filtration systems that

  • Protect your workforce by eliminating those heavy, awkward and dangerous water jugs.
  • Provide delicious tasting and refreshing water with proven, reliable performance through advanced sediment and carbon filtration.
  • Save money versus bottled water.

So if you're tired of the liability associated with your employees lifting heavy bottles, and the frustration of ensuring the supply never runs out. And if you're tired of breaking the bank paying for a bottled water program that leaves you dry. Let us bring you a quality filtration system delivering refreshing, crystal clear, cool, and delicious tasting water. Your employees will enjoy an unlimited supply of drinking water. As a part of our service contract the maintenance and upkeep of these advanced systems are entirely all responsibility, not yours. Our bottleless water coolers use an advanced state of the art filter system connecting to an existing water line, providing you with a hassle-free, no maintenance solution solution. Now you can increase the quality of your water and save money, while ensuring that your employees stay hydrated.