Filtration systems that...
  • Protect your workforce by eliminating those heavy, awkward and dangerous water jugs.
  • Provide delicious tasting water with proven, reliable performance through advanced sediment and carbon filtration.
  • Save money versus bottled water.
    Tired of the liability associated with lifting heavy bottles? Tired of breaking the bank paying for a bottled water program? Who better to bring you a quality filtration system to supply you with sparkling, delicious tasting water. Our "bottleless" water coolers use an advanced state of the art filtration system, providing you with the ultimate break room drinking water system. For a small monthly fee, your company will enjoy unlimited drinking water. Our service agreement states that all maintenance and upkeep are the responsibility of Franks Vending Service, Inc. as well as filter replacement. Now you can increase the quality of your water and save money.
    Coolers are with a wide variety of options from square or round cabinets to counter top units. Contact us today and let us assess your water needs.

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